Generate Spending Forecast and Journal Entries

Forecast full year is used to forecast grant spending for the entire year, without considering any year-to-date actuals. This is appropriate for setting future budgets and for validating your grant assignments and staffing levels. No journal entries are created for your bookkeeping software.

Re-forecast current year is used to re-calculate the spending budget for the remainder of the year, with actuals deducted (in both time and amount), and it creates journal entries for your bookkeeping software. This is appropriate for re-balancing your projections once the year is underway and to book staff salaries under the correct grants. This function can still be run when there are no actuals to report (say, at the start of the year).

In either case, you need to ensure that your settings are configured correctly. These are used as the basis for optimization. You may also wish to test different grant rank orders and minimum grant role amounts to see how they affect the results.

Upload YTD actuals
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Select last pay period from actuals
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Upload Payroll File
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Include EHT

Active Grant Rank

Drag and drop the grants into the desired order of precedence. This order will be used to preferentially spend from higher-ranked grants. Ranking only shows if two or more grants are active.

Grant Details

Employee Details

Organization Details

These parameters are used to align actuals with payroll and to ensure that pay is attributed to the correct pay period. The day of the week on which the pay period ends combined with the length of the pay period (most often 14 days), is used to generate a list of pay periods into which pay is attributed. As grants may end on any day of the week, this is important so as to allow for a grant to be attributed for only part of a pay period.

Accounting Type
Unrestricted Class Names

Chart of Accounts

Import Settings

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Export Settings

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Download settings.rda

Reset Settings

Warning This will remove all employee, grant, grant role, and chart of accounts settings. Only use this if you really mean it.